Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse a sponsor of US Indoor Lacrosse and the USA Junior Indoor Team - Epoch Lacrosse has setup exclusive pricing for USA players - go to the button below for Lacrosse gear available.

Epoch Lacrosse is a U.S. design and technology company committed to exclusively creating the highest-performing lacrosse equipment made and manufactured in the U.S. Through its innovation lab in Minneapolis, Epoch Lacrosse incorporates high-tech practices into its production including 3D printing and utilizing carbon fiber. In addition to Epoch Lacrosse’s use of technology, the design of their heads, shafts and gear customization is leading the lacrosse industry and are growing in popularity among players – including their ground breaking Purpose 15-Degree Women’s head, Epoch bespoke for personal gear customization, and the Dragonfly Nine, its brand-new shaft for elite lacrosse players. To learn more about Epoch Lacrosse, please visit www.epochlacrosse.com and follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Maximum Lacrosse - Goalie Equipment

Maximum Lacrosse was started by Marty (Martin) O’Neill, a former Western Lacrosse Association, Major Series Lacrosse, and National Lacrosse League goalie and ten year National Lacrosse League General Manager, when he returned to play Lacrosse after not having played for five years in 1987.

Max Lax equipment designs are based on safety and function without flashy graphics as a selling point. Ensuring the price is right and the protection is the highest quality is our goal. Additionally, our protective equipment offers more movement and less weight without sacrificing protection. High density plastic is strategically placed on every item we sell to keep away the bruises. 

Maximum Lacrosse is offering goal tending equipment that allows more movement. Movement is a key in the learning curve and development of skills of box lacrosse goal tending. Improvement in all aspects of playing the position will reveal your greatest potential over time. Movement will help you go to your next level and have a better experience doing it. We're sure that using our equipment for whatever position you play will enable you to become a stronger lacrosse player. 



Bauer Hockey is a manufacturer of ice hockey equipment, fitness and recreational skates and apparel. Bauer produces helmets, gloves, sticks, skates, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, as well as goalie equipment.

Bauer is the Helmet supplier to The USA Junior Indoor Team.