Seizing the opportunity to represent his country on an international level…it was like nothing our son Egan had ever done before and he will forever remember this experience as one of the greatest experiences of his life. From the first point of contact and all the way through the conclusion of the last event, the players were treated like professionals. We cannot speak positively enough about the first class accommodations, impressive world class coaches, challenging practices and hard fought exciting games. Although the US players came from all over the country, the team’s immediate chemistry was undeniable and their friendships continue today. We continue to be overwhelmed by the doors that were opened due to our son’s affiliation with this team. Nothing compares to representing your country on an international level. We will always be grateful that Egan had the opportunity to play with this talented group of impressive young men while wearing the USA jersey.
— Nikki Mills - Buffalo, MN

Playing on the USA U20 indoor team was an amazing experience. It introduced opportunities I couldn’t imagine beforehand. I learned so much and truly matured as a player. I also gained friendships that will last a lifetime.
— Camden Smith - West Springfield, MA

“U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!” We had a great experience! Our son, Brian, has been playing field lacrosse since second grade and has only picked up box within the last four years, but, in our opinion, the past two summers he has spent with the US National U20 Indoor Lacrosse Team have been an incredible journey into advanced lacrosse for him. As he prepares to take the field as an NCAA Division I lacrosse player in two short weeks, this program was the perfect training ground. We have seen his stick skills, his ability to find the “quiet” areas in the o-zone, and his overall confidence with the game grow immensely.
The coaching, general management, and practice/scrimmage schedule have all been meticulously planned and professionally delivered and definitely contributed to helping the boys learn, grow and bond together, ultimately winning Bronze for USA in an absolute OT thriller against a super-capable Team Israel. Graham D’Alvia (GM) also created a culture that encouraged the parents to bond too – we had a blast with this group of families!
If your son has advanced lacrosse skills and you would like him to take those skills to another level, we highly recommend this program. We feel very fortunate to have been involved and sincerely appreciate the hard work from all the coaches, Graham, Doreen, and Kathy. Thank you for such a great experience!
— Robert Wiles - Longmeadow, MA

The 2019 team USA experience was spectacular!
Everything was first class; from training sessions, exhibition games to the world games. The facilities were top notch, the coaching staff was the best and the team had ample time to bond, which was obvious by the significant improvements game to game. The players were treated like professionals and expected to play at that level, which they did. We are fortunate that our son was able to play this summer and we hope that he makes next year’s squad.
— Pablo Nyarady - Westfield, MA

Awesome experience from start to finish! Wonderful opportunity to play against some of the best lacrosse talent and all well representing the USA!
— Tracey VanVoorhis - Columbus, OH

Our son has had the privilege of being a part of Team USA for two years now. Seeing him play at the highest level and compete against some of the best international teams, under the guidance of professional level coaches, has been a fantastic experience. The players are treated like pros, with uniforms cleaned and hung in personal lockers between games, transportation to and from the arena, as well as the expectation that the young men dress in sport coats to and from the games. It has been an experience for our son that has been over and above any other. With the addition of many interesting destinations for future competitions, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone involved with the team.
— Shana Heisler - Corcoran, MN

Team USA U20 was the best lacrosse experience my son has had during his lacrosse career. From the moment we signed up for the tryout, to the training camp process, to the World Games in Canada, whole process was first class. The coaching, instruction, and player development was best in class. Each training camp session was well planned, and the coaches worked to develop the indoor skills necessary to compete at the International level. The team improved each session out on the floor. At the World Games, the team schedule was well organized and the general manager and coaches treated the players like they were professional players, ever detail was planned out; morning film or shoot around, chartered buses to the arena, professional dress headed to the arena, lastly, the locker room had their uniform and equipment hung. The attention to detail was second to none. The team even organized a birthday party for several players. This team started out as individuals and ended up being a family. This was due to the culture the program demands that led to our son’s great experience. My son talks to his Team USA teammates every week. The young men plan on meeting up this winter to compete in a tournament together. I can’t thank the leadership and coaches of Team USA enough for developing a culture that made my son a better indoor player, and giving him the opportunity to grow as a young man.
— Mason Masters - Powell, OH